Site Structure and Content Color Scheme

  • Setup site structure creating logical menu and submenu pages based on the client's goals and content
  • Create a color scheme and style guide for all site content based on site design (includes: header text, body text, events, photo galleries)

Time estimate: 15 minutes per month (1 hour initial setup for new sites up to 24 pages)

Weekly Content Monitoring

  • Delete out-of-date content
  • Ensure current content meets style and content color scheme guideline
  • Ensure current content fits appropriately in site structure

Time estimate: 2 hours per month (30 minutes per week, for up to 24 pages)

Weekly Content Additions

  • Add additional client provided content to the site each week
  • Client and Artistry arrange a mutually acceptable deadline and turnaround time (usually 24 hours) for weekly content
  • Content must be provided in an electronic format to facilitate transfer
  • Clients may still update the site themselves at anytime
Time estimate: 5 hours a month (Homepage: 30 minutes a week, Subpages: 45 minutes a week)

Manage Email Accounts

  • Will add, delete, or change email accounts as needed
Time estimate: 15 minutes a month

Resize Images

  • Will resize up to 10 client provided images per month
  • Images will be provided with content additions
Time estimate: 1 hour per month

Maintain Advanced Security

  • Create and delete users within site
  • Modify users access to pages on site
Time estimate: 30 minutes per month

Place artwork on site

  • Place relevant artwork on site along side content additions
  • Artwork will come from a pre-created Artistry library of generic images
Time estimate: 30 minutes per month


Based on 9.5 hours per month @ $40 per hour

  3 mo 6 mo (-10%) 12 mo (-20%)
24 pgs
$380 $342 $304
12 pgs
$285 $257 $228
8 pgs
$190 $171 $152