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Church Marketing 101
Published by Baker Books.

Branding Strategy::

Branding:/ n. Consistency in marketing communications that builds a bridge between who you are and who God has called you to be.

Artistry Marketing works with churches and ministries that are passionate about excellence and increasing their effectiveness in ministry. That’s what our consulting services are all about.

By spending time with your church’s senior staff, hearing their hearts, and clearly defining what the leadership feels that God has called your church to accomplish, we can help your church reach its goals and fulfill its calling. With personal visits to your church and church services, anonymous visitor reviews, statistical research, in-depth analysis, and a comprehensive strategy session, Artistry Marketing helps your church define what God has called you to be, analyze the perceptions of your community, and develop a strategy that sets you on a path to fulfilling the bigger vision. We’ll help you plan what to communicate, to whom, when and how.

The proper foundation for any marketing or branding effort, a branding strategy allows you to discover who your church is at its very core and how it should communicate with its congregation and community.

What can you expect to gain from our Branding Strategy consulting services?
· Comprehensive understanding of a visitor’s mindset
· Specific communication strategy for your congregation and community
· Clear definition of what your church does best
· Recommendations on areas your church can improve on
· An expert “outsider” perspective
· Strategic guideline to best allocate your resources
· A roadmap for growing your church and achieving your vision
· Valuable insight and strategic marketing information
The Bottom Line:
Branding Strategy gives you the most vivid sense of where you are and where you are going that you have ever had. In its light, difficult decisions from growth strategy to carpet color become plain, simple and strategic. You will feel empowered like never before.

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Let the revolution begin!
Announcing the new book released Feb 1, 2006, by Artistry Marketing's founder and president, Richard L Reising.

“...Church leaders need to read this book.”
Darren Whitehead [Next Gen Pastor] Willow Creek Community Church

“...This book is a must-read for anyone who is committed to reaching their community with the gospel.”
David Dykes [Pastor] Green Acres Baptist Church

“...Required reading for every pastor in America.”

Brad Abare [Founder]