What others are saying...

Brand Development: Marketing Consulting and Custom Design:

"I think that what Artistry is doing is wonderful and I utilize their case studies in my classroom."
Dr. Howard Hendricks
Dallas Theological Seminary

“Artistry’s approach to branding will open your eyes. It is not just a means to an end, it embodies every part of your ministry and becomes the fulfillment of the vision. It has made a powerful impact on us.”
Jeff Galley

"I discovered Artistry Marketing while researching best practices for church marketing in April 2004 and have been exceedingly impressed by their team, offerings and service. As a completely Christian organization, their team from the top down consists of strong believers who feel called to use their skills and talents to help churches and ministries fulfill their visions & missions."
Gina King
All Saints Lutheran Church

"Artistry's insight and approach blew our minds. They saw in one day what it had taken us years to realize. Their analysis and direction were dead-on!"
Tony Puckett
LCF Church

"Several people who came and gave their lives to Christ told us they had visited our services only because the design had connected with them so strongly."
Steve Bussey
The Salvation Army

"After your last Artistry campaign, we had people inviting people to church that haven't invited people in ten years."
Skip Dvornik
Calvary Baptist Chuch

Web Technology:

"Artistry's Perpetua web tools have become a vital part of our ministry and enhance our connectedness with our partners and friends."
Jason Hale

"Artistry has given us a (Perpetua) website that empowers our individual ministries to create their own content, make changes at 2 AM if they so desire, and really "own" their part of the site. Turning career ministry folks into instant webmasters is truly a feat...and they have done exactly that."
Ashley Wiersma
Woodmen Valley Chapel

"I love Perpetua - our website is managed by ALL of our staff (including some of our students), it is easy to update content (even while away from home in Jamaica)."
Josh Barron
Highland Park Presbyterian

“It became easier for us to manage our own (Perpetua-powered) website, than it was to communicate our updates to a programmer.”
Jonathan Shibley
Global Advance


"Since we launched our website with Artistry Marketing our church has grown 17% in the first twelve months. Without question the majority of our new member's first contact with the church was finding our web site online. We couldn't be happier with the products and support Artistry supplies. The only thing better than their products is their customer service."
Greg Williamson
Valley Christian Church

“I have never found a company that provided everything I always wanted to do in one package. You have helped me to take my ministry marketing to the next level.”
Sean Love
Cornerstone Church

"So many people think that they have to do all kinds of technical stuff to put up a website and spend inordinate amounts of money doing so. . . I am so happy this is not true. Your ministry has been such a blessing."
Nancy Keith
Grove Avenue Baptist Church

“We have been thrilled with YouthFusion. This has been the best option for a youth group website that I have ever seen... It’s a great investment that makes your ministry look professional and organized.”
Darren Whitehead
The People’s Church

“I think the concept is great! It really makes it possible to get topquality marketing materials quickly and at a great price.”
Matt Surber

“What ChurchFusion does is great. I wouldn’t have made it through this past year without your help.”
Jason Stone
New Horizons Fellowship

ChurchMarketing 101:

"I have been a pastor for over 20 years and the information I learned from the CM101 seminar has changed my life forever."
Seasoned Pastor
Central Arizona

“The teaching made me realize that as a pastor, I have been doing this to thwart my own church’s growth. This has made a huge impact on me.”
Senior Pastor
Beaumont, TX

“This information was brilliant. It is so needed—so timely. Africa needs what this man has to say.”
African Ministry Leader
Working with over 100+ churches in northern Africa

“We listen to the audio tape version over and over again. We continually are catching new things from this rich content.”
Senior Pastor
Corpus Christi, TX