Perpetua® is the industry's leading web management tool for keeping your website going and growing.

After years of designing and developing cutting-edge websites for churches and ministries, Artistry Labs created an incredibly powerful, self-manageable web tool set that provides clients with a cost-effective, long-term, web management solution. It's called Perpetua®.

The brilliance of Perpetua® is found in the coexistence of cutting-edge technology and functional, easy-to-manage systems. It was built from the ground up to meet the needs of today's growing churches and ministries, yet has the power and flexibility to service the most demanding corporate clients.

If you can surf the internet you can manage your website. It is just that simple.

Company History

In July of 1995, while on a mission’s journey into Mexico, God spoke to the heart of Artistry’s founder and instilled a calling to empower the Body of Christ through God-inspired marketing principles and cutting-edge design tools—helping them to establish a new found relevance and enabling them to reach into the media-saturated hearts of people in the United States and beyond. At that moment, God’s inspired idea began an incubation process that culminated in the birth of Artistry Labs in July 1998.

Since that time, Artistry has helped and inspired thousands with its message and delivery on church marketing. With over 500 clients in 40 states and in 12 countries, Artistry Labs has grown and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, providing robust services to churches, ministries and smart companies.